The Scrapbook


Not all RUR projects end up in the shops. Some projects are just one-off customs jobs, others never really quite found a market.This RUR scrapbookpage is dedicated to all these little oddities.



The GuardMaster G was developed by RUR in conjuction with Circle G to help protect Newland City. The contract fell through, but the designs are still here to see. To help research the aliens, Hadshebsuth fitted the R.U.R. DLK-2000 with a special hidden camera. As soon as an Alien scuttles alongside the ruins, the DLK-2000 activates the live feed.
RUR engineers developed these security devices for the Society of Salvation and Whisper's Edge. These devices were created as a responce to an emergency situation. They were never sold to the public. The Pfft! (the Physical Fitness Family Trainer ) robot was meant to be the first of a new "lifestyle" range of robots for RUR. Unfortunatley the Pfft! had to be withdrawn from the shops due to health and safety issues.
RUR was contracted by a consortium of Neutral organisations to research a token board system for the Neutrals. However before it was completed, cyborgs stole the research and made their own Experimental Cyborg Token Board. RUR developed for Unity of the Rose in conjunction with the Tir School of Engineering a series of eco-friendly mining bots, however interference from the Neo-Luddite Movement compromised the project.