RUR's Robots Catalogue

Here at last the RUR's updated catalogue featuring our new, exciting range of household robots. Note RUR will also takes orders for customised robots for any sort of civilian applications. So call a RUR salesman or visit an authorised dealer today!


This is our vacuum cleaner bot, and trust me folks, it sucks! Ideal for hotels, office blocks, hospitals and large mansions, the DLK-2000 is the ultimate dust-buster. Powerful yet, discreet the DLK-2000's QPT brain allows it to make snap decisions as to when it is appropriate to start cleaning and when the humans would rather be left alone. Not only that, but now the DLK-2000 is also safe to leave with young children and small pets!Technical Specification: 16 RD QPT processor, twin Roger-Roger jollyflaps, Nickelodeon v8.2 magnetic refrompinator, 'Last Dance' spheretropic synthesizer, gyroscopic paramorphic stablisers.

RRP: Cr. 699,99

Phewy Series 6 (aka "The Milly"):

Nanny, cook, cleaner and friend; the Phewy Series 6 is all this and more. Make any home a happy home with this incredible household bot. Endowed with a QPT brain, the Milly is able learn and adapt to the personality of its owners and in no time will become 'just one of the family'. Please note: we do not ship lingerie with this robot so stop asking!

Technical Specification: 32 RD QPT processor, Finklewink v 19.02 “Rapture” displacer motor, 12 illuminum interlocking, jumble-free Magoo sensory arrays, 2 Standard Beebitty-boobity-boo interfaces.

RRP: Cr. 2,499,999

Phewy Series 7 (aka “The Jeeves”):

This is our butler bot. Does everything the Milly does but with an air of disdain and a snooty British accent.

Technical Specification: See the Phewy Series 6.

RRP: Cr. 2,599,999


The Leetbot:

If it walks like a leet and talks like a leet (r u nubi?) it must be... a RUR Leetbot!  The Leetbot is the perfect pet for children and adults alike. It offers all the furry, wide-eyed cuteness of a real leet without the fleas, messy house training accidents and manic sex drive.

Technical Specification: 1 RD QPT processor, Fussitronics “Little beggar” simulator, 9 valve Rimsky-Korsakov redundant servo engine, Joo-prologic device. Batteries not included.

RRP: Cr. 199,999

The Logitronix 600/ Logitronix 600 Deluxe:

This is the newest addition to the RUR range. Its a strong, versatile utility bot particularly suited for heavy outdoor tasks which at the same time require a certain amount of finesse, like gardening or last minute Christmas shopping. The Logitronix sports a more powerful processor the previous RUR models, which compares favourably with many mid-range computers and as such makes in an ideal companion for the scientist on the go.

Technical Specification: 64 RD QPT processor, 6 hip-hop radial kryptonium speculators, Betamax, stratocaster collusion clusters, Elvis-the-pelvis gyro stabiliser, Ms Pac-Mac protocol v. 6.11, vapid longwave modulator, Advanced Kermit the frog.

RRP: from Cr. 4,999,999