RUR's Background Story

The purpose of this section is to list some basic facts about RUR so that different people working on different storylines can still have a common base. Many areas are left deliberately vague to leave us room to grow.

1. RUR is a new, small robotics. On occasion RUR may get involved in ad-hoc engineering projects, but robots are the company's beard and butter. 2. Although an Omni-Tek registered company, RUR in not owned by Omni-Tek. It is owned by shareholders of all factions.

3. Historically RUR was based in Newland City, but have since moved to a new site on the Coast of Peace.

4. One of RUR's most significant innovations is the QPT (Quantum Positronic Thingy) processor, which allows robots to think in a more human way. The secret of the QPT is not something a competitor can emulate by simply breaking open a RUR robot. What is not generally known is that the QPT processor dramatically increases the chances of robots developing personality disorders. Over time some of us may start suspecting something is wrong, others might already know and may be trying to cover it up.

5. RUR and the Cyborgs do not get along (but then again who does?). RUR claim cyborgs have stolen RUR technology, which is true. What is not generally known, not even by most RUR employees, is that the reverse is also true; much of RUR's discoveries, QPT in particular, are based on stolen cyborg technology. While stealing cyborg technology isn't striclty speaking illegal as such, it is not something RUR wish the public to know.

6. Particularly observant RUR employees may have noticed groups of robots acting strangely when they believe to be alone. Are they just socialising? Are they organising themselves into a union or even a religion? Who can say. RUR management try to discourage such talk.

7. RUR is not directly involved in the Omni-Clan conflict. They will sell domestic robots to clans, but not military technology.

8. RUR is not a ruthless, greedy corporation. On an individual level however the temptation may be there for people to cook the books, cover up mishaps or bend a law or two in the pursuit of scientific knowledge.

9. RUR is heavily in debt with just about everyone on the planet.