Organisation Charter


 The following is a list of the guiding principles RUR was founded on. These principles are as important to us now as they were back then.


1. Roleplaying:

RUR was created as a specialist roleplaying guild. Our primary purpose is to portray the life and misadventures of a small robotics company through in-game events or any other medium that suggests itself. While of course we like to support our members in their non-roleplaying activities as well, that is not what we are about and we don't claim to be any good at it.


2. Creativity:

RUR was founded to provide a home for players who enjoy being creative. We welcome players who GM in pen & paper roleplaying games, players who enjoy writing, drawing or who just wish to help stage events.


3. Inclusiveness:

RUR was designed to be an open and outward looking guild; that is to say, we aim to involve other people and organisations in our roleplaying in as much as practical.


4. Informality:

With RUR we wanted to create an org that was hassle free. As such we are light on rules and regulations, we don’t attach much importance to rank and our members are not even required to be particularly active. Casual players, beginners and “alts” are all welcome. All we ask our members is that they remain roughly consistent with RUR's overall theme and abide by the rules of common courtesy.