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Welcome to RUR, where nothing can ever go wroong.

A RUR Engineer hard at work.RUR (Rubi-Ka Universal Robots) is a roleplaying guild for Anarchy Online. The purpose of this guild is to run roleplaying adventures with a robotic theme. The guild was conceived by a group of veteran AO roleplayers looking for fresh roleplaying opportunities for new or unused characters. RUR is Omni aligned and based on the Rubi-Ka server (previously, Dimension 1/Atlantean server). It was created on December 15, 2002.

RUR itself is a new, small dysfunctional robotics company. It makes a range of innovative household robots like vacuum cleaner bots and maid/butler bots. RUR's robotic designs are based on "Quantum Positronic Thingy"(QPT). QPT endows its robots with a greater and more intuitive type of intelligence, which in turn makes for improved human-robot communications. QPT has drawn upon RUR the unwelcome attention of competitors, cyborgs and worse of all, creditors.



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